2018 Running City Portland
City quest for all ages. Running City is a city-wide quest — sort of like a scavenger hunt — that takes participants to interesting locations across Portland. No special training required!
When: -
Where: MarcovCo Gallery
625 NW Everett St. #111
City quest for all ages. No special training required!
2018 Running City Portland
OCTOBER 20, 2018
Registration fee – $35 per team (1-4 people)
Registration required before the day of the event
No special training required!
Dog friendly

Running City Portland 2018 Winners
Griffin (Running)
1st Place
Ginger Jew and Ginger Sue
Official Time: 3:04
Team #321
Aliza Richman (Portland)
2nd Place
The Commune
Official Time: 3:26
Team #307
Sam Settelmeyer (Portland)
Phu Nguyen (Portland)
McKenzie Settelmeyer (Portland)
Teagan Settelmeyer (Portland)

3rd Place
Official Time: 3:28
Team #317
Mikhail Nikolskii (Portland)
Alexey Afanasyev (Portland)
Leonid Snegirev (Portland
Horseman (Cycling)
1st Place
Burger Hunters
Official Time: 4:59
Team #810
Dmitriy Grigoryev (New York)
Isa Grigoryev (New York)
2nd Place
Official Time: 6:09
Team #808
Dmitry Lavrov (New York)
Roman Lavrov (New York)
3rd Place
Three Stars
Official Time: 8:29
Team #818
Vitaly Kvitkovsky (Moscow)
Mikhail Gorchakov (Moscow)

About Running City

Running City is a city-wide quest — sort of like a scavenger hunt — that takes participants to interesting locations across Portland.
  • Goal:
    Participants will follow designated routes to interesting locations all across the city. At each point along the route, there are fun tasks that test your attention to detail. There are prizes for the fastest teams in timed categories!

  • Teams:
    Each team can have up to four members. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Register your team in advance below.

  • Routes:
    Each team can choose its preferred route and competition level: walking, walking with small children (kids can be in strollers), cycling, or running. Each route is timed (4-8 hours) and varies with each category.

  • Starting Time:
    All teams start at different times. Each team will be designated its starting time after registration is completed. Starting intervals will be allocated between 9am and noon. Register early to get an earlier start!

  • Registration Fee:
    The registration fee is $35 per team, and covers all printed materials for the team, souvenirs for each team member, and prizes for the winning teams in running and cycling categories.
Start & Finish
October 20, 2018
MarcovCo Gallery 625 NW Everett St. #111, Portland, OR, 97209
The gallery does not have parking. Parking is limited, so please arrive early to be able to park in the area.
This is the category for the runners out there. Training for a marathon? This is the category for you! Using transport of any kind is prohibited (see rules below).
The course is timed.

Time: ~4-5 hours
Distance: ~20 miles

Registered: 22 participants
This is the category for cyclists. Cycling experience in urban environments is highly recommended. Helmets and tail lights are mandatory. Please be sure to follow all rules of the road.
The course is timed.

Time: ~4-5 hours
Distance: ~33 miles

Registered: 18 participants
A leisurely walk discovering the city. Participants are only allowed to walk, no running or using transport of any kind is allowed.
The course is NOT timed.

Time: ~7-8 hours
Distance: ~12 miles

Registered: 96 participants
Lion Mini
(Light walking)
Shorter distance. For those looking to explore the most interesting places of the city. Kids are welcome. Stroller-friendly. No running or using transport of any kind is allowed.
The course is NOT timed.

Time: ~4-5 hours
Distance: ~6 miles

Registered: 65 participants

What to Bring with You
  • Photo ID for all participants over 18 (anyone younger must be accompanied by an adult);

  • City map — paper or mobile. You are also free to use any GPS devices. Please note that we do NOT provide any maps;

  • Pen, pencil or marker — to record your answers;

  • Cell phone (for communication with the event staff in case of emergency and to record the times you reach the checkpoints);

  • Flashlight (recommended — in case you are finishing late and need to find your checkpoints in the dark);

  • Snack/water (recommended);

  • Raincoats (recommended — make sure you are dressed for the weather on the day of the event).
  • Helmet;

  • Red flashing safety light;

  • Headlight and a bicycle lock (recommended).
Please note that we do NOT provide any bicycles. You can rent one here but make sure you are properly equipped as described above.
Running City is a competitive game, therefore all participants must abide by its rules to make it a worthwhile experience for everyone.
Project History
The Running City project is the largest international city
orienteering competition. Since the inaugural event in Russia in 2000, the city games have been held regularly in cities across Europe and North America, including London, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Barcelona, and New York. For the first time, Running City is making its way to the West Coast of the United States — in Portland, OR.
Running City Around the World
19 countries — 94 cities — 290 games
150−7,000 participants in each game!

Meet Our Team
Running City is our passion, and we would like to share it with you.
Julia Voevodina
Project Coordinator
Julia knows everything about our event. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions or concerns: west.coast@runcity.org.
+1 971 325 79 13
Ilya Mishchenko
Project Supervisor
Maria Lyubimtseva
Katerina Ingraham
Web Developer
Create this web page and web sites for small businesses.
Konstantin Titukh
Ekaterina Tretjakova
Alex Pervov

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Our Partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
Главный сайт русскоязычной Америки
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Media Center
Slavic Family
Slavic Family media center is a set of different news channels for Russian speaking community in Oregon and Washington states.

They have magazine Afisha, newspaper Slavic Family, radio Slavic Family on 1130 AM and Prime FM on 100.7 FM, also you can read them on slavicfamily.org.

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Portland Art Gallery
MarcovCo Gallery

MarkovCo is a small, family owned gallery, containing many original paintings, prints and crafts by the Markov family as well as other East European artists. Our gallery is often described as an unique and original art. We are located in Portland.

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The Portland and Oregon Travelers Club
The Portland and Oregon Travelers Club
The Portland and Oregon Travelers Club