2018 Running City Portland


Running City is a competitive game, therefore all participants must abide by its rules to make it a worthwhile experience for everyone. The complete set of city orienteering rules can be found here, but we will give you a brief overview before you start, so that you can enjoy the quest without any trouble.
The main goal
The main goal of the game is to find all of the checkpoints — or as many of them as possible — and perform the assigned tasks (usually count, copy or draw something). All the checkpoints are located in the city and are marked in the game legend with the appropriate address. When at a checkpoint, you need to indicate the time you found it and write the answer to the task in the control book the organizers will provide you.
You can participate in teams of up to 4 people. Teams should stay together throughout the course. Event organizers have the right to check in on your team at any time during the course.
Two categories — Griffin and Horseman — are timed courses, so the winning team not only has to find all the checkpoints and perform all the tasks correctly, but do so in the fastest time to win. For the walking categories (Lion and Lion Mini), the course is not timed, so the winning team will be the team that correctly find the most checkpoints and completes the tasks correctly.
The are multiple stages along
each route in the four
categories. During the first
stage, teams move from one checkpoint to another (in the order you find most convenient) until you reach the "end of stage" checkpoint, where game officials give you the legend for the second stage, and so on. The only exceptions to this are bonus checkpoints in timed categories (Griffin, Horseman) than can be reached at any point during the game. These checkpoints deduct time from your overall time on the course and if you are planning to win, it is wise strategy to collect them.
Unnecessary risk
You must observe traffic regulations at all times, while walking, running, or biking. Violating them might lead to your team being disqualified, so please be respectful to everyone around you and do not put yourself at unnecessary risk.
Thank you for reading our rules, now you can